We are really proud to announce that our newest game, Save the baby unicorns, is now available for purchase on […]
Hello y’all ! What an amazing Saturday to announce you my upcoming game, Tales of Argonire: A Unicorn Journey ! […]
Hey folks ! Today I want to share with you about my last released game, FlyFLAP! If you know me, […]
Hey folks!I’m happy to share those new WIP screenshots. You may already seen them going on Twitter. Those screenshots are […]
It’s been a while since my last post about The Fate of Anubis. In fact, I didn’t have much time […]
Hey guys ! I’ve worked a bit on “The Fate of Anubis” and I’m happy to share some WIP contents […]
Introduction In this post I’ll talk a bit about my custom character controller and all the problems I’ve faced doing […]
Hey guys! Here’s the first previews of my game “The Fate of Anubis”. The game is developed with Unity 3D. […]